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The Red Planet

An image of the planet Mars

This year, the ExoMars Trace Gas Oribiter was launched to discover if there is life on Mars. What will they find? In anticipation of the Oribiter’s arrival in October (and the article in Maybe’s upcoming print issue), here are some facts about the Red Planet.
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The world’s oldest trees

We know that  trees can outlive humans by hundreds of years, but just how long have the world’s oldest trees been around, and what is the secret of their longevity? Read More


What is the Milky Way?

Most of us have heard of the Milky Way – the galaxy of stars in which our planet resides. But what exactly is a galaxy? And how did the Milky Way get its name? Read More


The slingshot spider

Fact is often stranger than fiction. While trekking through the Peruvian jungle, scientist Lary Reeves came upon an arachnid ingenious enough to replicate the effect of Spider-Man’s mechanical web-shooters without the use of any advanced, fictional technology. Read More


Understanding thunder and lightening

From our earliest history to the present day, humans have experienced the flash of lightning and the crack of thunder as awesome natural forces. This article explores the myths around thunder and lightening, as well as explaining how they actually work. Read More