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Local restaurant reviews, seasonal recipes and creative ideas for the kitchen.

Make your own frappuccino

Iced coffee is a brilliant summer drink. Cool and smooth, it’s the perfect refreshment on a warm day! You don’t need to take a trip to your local coffee shop to enjoy a creamy Frappuccino; you can make one at home with very little equipment. Read More


Ice cream for breakfast

Chocolate ice cream with syrup in a glass bowl on a wooden table.Ever heard of Ice Cream for Breakfast Day? It will come as little surprise to learn that this event originated in the U.S.A., when a particularly snowy day in mid-sixties New York saw all schools closed and the neighbourhood children at a loose end… Read More


The origins of Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding with white vanilla sauce on holiday table decorated with holly twig glass of brandy ornaments candles and xmas tree.In Britain, no Christmas is complete without a helping of Christmas pudding. A blend of dried fruit, spices, suet and other ingredients, it is often made to traditional family recipes… but what are its origins? Read More


An interview with Raymond Blanc

In person, the renowned chef Raymond Blanc comes across just as you see him on TV  – a man passionate about the craft of cooking. Raymond dislikes the sensationalism of earlier TV cookery shows, believing that viewers have become more sophisticated… Read More