8 Free Games You Should DEFINITELY Check Out

dota2Dota 2

A remastered version of the original Dota (which is regarded as the original MOBA  or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Dota 2 offers you hundreds of characters to pick from. Two teams of five players battle it out as waves of minions spawn from the enemy’s base. Purchase items and level up to strengthen your character and destroy your opponents!

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A highly addictive pick-up-and-play card game with delightful visuals and audio. Play against your friends, the computer or a stranger from anywhere in the world. This fun-sized card game can fit in your pocket, so you can play on-the go-using your smart phone or tablet.

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heroes of the stormHeroes of the Storm

Blizzard takes a refreshing  new stance on the MOBA genre. This is not just another Dota clone. Instead of just one map, Blizzard has created a host of themed battlegrounds with multiple ways to achieve victory. They say variety is the spice of life. Heroes of the Storm is definitely the “spice” of the MOBA world.

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star wars the old republicStar Wars: The Old Republic

Originally a subscription based MMO-RPG, SW:TOR had a sluggish start. After a number of updates and expansions it is now perfect for avid gamers and Star Wars fans alike. Full of lore and hidden secrets, players can take it slow and discover it all. If fast paced lightsaber action is more your style, then SW:TOR also provides that in ample amounts. Light or Dark, which side will you choose?

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path of exilePath of Exile

An action based RPG dungeon crawler similar to Diablo. This polished game allows you to adventure on your own or with friends through seemingly endless areas in a dark fantasy world. Build your character any way you see fit with a humongous skill tree.

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league of legendsLeague Of Legends

Inspired by Dota, LoL uses all the same concepts but with just a little bit extra here and there. With hundreds of unique characters and a slightly more forgiving learning curve for new players, it offers hours upon hours of fun. 12 million people play it every day. Every. Day. There must be something in the water at Summoner’s Rift.

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world of tanksWorld of Tanks

One of the biggest free-to-play games in existence. This tank simulator is extremely accessible but has depth and complexities that allow highly satisfying progression. Two teams of tankers battle each other across a wide range of environments. There are hundreds of unlockable tanks, custom kits, and upgrades that span 10 different tiers, from little scouts to monster tank destroyers.

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Similar to Dota and League of Legends, Smite has two teams of five Gods battling against each other and neutral monsters, growing in strength and power in order to ultimately take down the enemy Titan. Rather than being top-down, Smite chooses to give players a 3rd person perspective, getting you even closer to the action!

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