How to Chirp your way to success on Twitter

The chances are that if you’re if reading this, then you are probably aware of the power of social media when it comes to advertising. Twitter is now one of the largest and most active platforms.

Consumers are quickly realising how powerful it is for keeping up to date with current trends and news. As a business, this is something you simply can’t ignore. Twitter gives business owners the power to reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of potential customers each and every day, for free.

The biggest hurdle most businesses face when starting out on Twitter is getting their voice heard. You need to be able to cut through the “noise” and reach the audience that you want to engage with – your customer base.

This is where networking comes in. You need to realise you’re not alone. Other businesses want the same thing as you, and they are willing to help. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Other businesses will generally be happy to help promote you, if you promote them as well. This can be as something as simple as a mention, like or even a retweet.

Finding other people or businesses willing to help is the next step.
The big tip we’re sharing today: Find networking accounts! Check your local area, county, region, country, demographic and business type for accounts that provide networking platforms relevant to you.

The account we’re highlighting today and the title namesake is @ChirpLdt and @BizHour. Created by Steve Richards, BizHour runs every weekday between 2-3pm GMT. Its purpose is purely networking for businesses; anyone can join the conversation by simply using the hashtag #BizHour.

Hundreds of businesses join in every day to promote themselves and each other. It’s a very relaxed affair and you’ll definitely make a lot of valuable connections in the process.

Twitter success won’t happen overnight, but there are plenty of people and accounts out their willing to give you a leg-up. You just need to find them!

Michael Knowles