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DVDs for Autumn 2016

Our film critic Anthony Lowery looks at some of the most exciting DVDs released this autumn. You’ve seen them at the cinema; now  enjoy them at home! Read More


Suicide Squad

Here’s where superhero movies grow up and our morbid fancies take flight. A secret agency recruits a task-force of the most dangerous people on the planet to carry out a highly volatile black ops mission. Read More


The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap is the longest-running show in the history of theatre, with over 26,000 performances in London since it opened in 1952. The play recently went on tour to celebrate its 60th anniversary. Now the tour is back by popular demand! Read More


4 Film releases to look out for in July

Showing in the cinema this month: Now You See Me 2, The BFG, Star Treck Beyond and Jason Bourne Read More


Goodnight Mister Tom

Written by David Wood from the novel by Michelle Magorian, Goodnight Mister Tom tells the story of young London boy William Beech, evacuated to Dorset during WW2 to escape from the bombing. Read More


The Revenant

The Revenant PosterThe Revenant is a hauntingly atmospheric and ruthless revenge film that goes a long way to capturing the true horror and beauty of the wild frontiers of 19th century America. Read More


8 Great games you can play for free

league of legends8 Free Games that you should definitely check out!


The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens - PosterAfter what seems like an eternity of waiting, Star Wars is back on the big screen. The Force Awakens has won over the critics, a success that is reflected in its early box office takings. Read More